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    Land of Awe: Dinosaur Provincial Park 

    Land of Awe from John Novotny on Vimeo.

    I shot this last year and was able to finally get to it this spring. The night time lapses took a while to capture, many a long night spent getting attacked by hords of mosquitos. 

    Alberta Parks link here:



    FilmTools 3025 Triangulation Kit Triple Test: Highway, Speed Bumps and Gravel Road

    I was out with Brad Tucker last summer shooting at Dinosaur Provincial Park. We were getting some driving footage. I had tried to use other vehicle mount rigs but the results were usually pretty poor plagued by too much vibration. FilmTools 3025 kit is by far the best kit with almost no vibration. When we went on the gravel back road in the preserve at Dinosaur Provincial Park Alberta, Brad decided to gun it which increased vibration. I had couldn't believe the shoots on the gravel road were actually usable. I believe the using the wide angle Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 was key in reducing percieved vibration. If you know you're going to be shooting on a rough road try to shoot as wide as possible. We also had Go Pro cameras mounted but the vibration was horrible in most of the footage. 

    The FilmTools 3025 kit performed incredibly well as you can see from the video even on the rough road.


    NAB 2011 Report by Bunko

    Updated on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 03:29PM by Registered CommenterJohn Novotny

    The Red Camera & Sunglass Company. Now, all the camera makers were in Central Hall, all of them. Except for Red, which ended up in the South Hall - Lower Level, right amongst the post production vendors, sandwiched in-between a film scanner outfit and one peddling a color correction plug-in. Weird, eh? Also, all the other camera makers had open, inviting stands where you could walk up to the cameras and handle them yourself. Both Sony and Panasonic must have had over 100 camera exhibited and turned on this way. Not so with Red, however. You could not enter their display area at all -- they did not have any!!!! Instead, there was a small area cordoned around where a guy had his back tattooed and a chick had her backside tattooed. That is all anyone could see, there were a couple of black cameras hanging from the ceiling, a good 12 feet away, so nobody could make out what they were and what they did. So, if you had wanted to see some tattooing of backsides, you could hang around the Red stand, otherwise you did not see anything, let alone any "Red camera." Typical Red Camera, in other words.

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    Shooting the Winter Badlands with the Canon 7D, T2i, Glidetrack and Steadicam Merlin

    I had the opportunity to shoot in the Canadian Badlands last December out at Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. We had a meeting out the Dinosaur Field Station and I had the chance to stay overnight at the base camp facility for lack of a better term. They have a coference facilities as well as small trailer complex for housing reserchers and other special visitors to the park who are staying for longer periods of time.

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    Canon 7D vs the Canon Rebel T2i

    A look at the Canon 7D vs the Canon Rebel T2i based on hands on experience over the course of a year. This is a sampler of mostly still photo time lapses I shot over the summer I had some opportunities to shoot some amazing vistas.

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